*somewhere else in the tower*

*walks along, bleeding from her gut, face, and arms* So... the Orakian outsmarted me? To bring the top fighters the world has ever known. But... they escape too fast for me to drain them. That's just fine. Once I reach the Circle of Power, they'll be the first on my list to die.


*looks at the monster* *sighs* I haven't got time to play with you! *mutters* Stupid Dark Falz.

*roars and shoots a large beam of energy from his mouth*

*swipes the energy away* So be it. *jumps up and claw Dark Flaz twice across the eyes*

*roars in pain* Gaaaaaaaaaaaaar! *falls to the ground*

This could make for some good energy! *gets closer to him*

*disappears in a cloud of smoke*

Dammit! These must be dead monsters. *thinks for a second* That mist. Could that be dead spirits? *shrugs* No matter. I'll find the top somehow.

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(Phantasy Star - Dark Falz Battle)