*back at Chrissy*

Man. This tower is really annoying. I can't seem to find my way. And I seem to always find the same set of stairs.

*bumps into Chrissy* Chrissy?

Crys? How'd you find me?

I dunno. I went up a couple flights of stairs, and the last I knew, I kept going around in circles.

*bumps into Crys* *shakes head* Ok... now this is truely weird. I keep going around in a circle. But yet... it doesn't seem like a circle.

So that's how you found us too?


Figures. How do we break this illusion?

*voice* Hahahahahaha! You stepped into my trap!

Who's there?

*poof* It's me! Gogo! Master of illusion!


Bah. Nevermind. I'm the guardian of this floor. Well... actually, I'm the guardian of every floor, but mostly this one.

Guardian of every floor?

You won't believe it. But I cast an illusion on every floor of this tower. Makes it look real confusing.

You tricked us?

Yes, and I did a good job of it too. I'm currently tricking another tailed girl right now.

*from a floor above*



Is that what you call that purple haired girl? She seemed like trouble, so I made the illusion. She won't go too far.

Gogo, why are you telling us all this?

Well, because I'm bored. I haven't had a good fight in a long time. I wanna challenge you. Any one of you.

And what do we get if we win?

I'll remove the illusion and show you to my special "Gogo-vator"


Right. So who will take me up on the challenge.

... well..

Crys will!


Alright Crys.

*draws sword* Very well.

*draws sword* Remember, whatever you do, I will do.

*thinks* Whatever you do, I will do?



We didn't start yet!

We didn't start yet!

*gets angry* *jumps up and down* Stop copying me!

*jumps up and down* Stop copying me!

*jumps still* Supercalafragilisticexpialadocious!

*jumps still* Supercalafragilisticexpialadocious!

Grrr... fine, you win!

Grrr... fine, you win!


Boy Crys, you really annoyed him. I never knew you had it in ya.

I did. *grins*

Oh shut up.

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(Final Fantasy VI - Gogo's Theme)