*enters with guitar* Viva Las Vegas!

... Elvis?

What are you doing here?

Uh huh I heard about there bein' some monsters down here, so the colonel sent me here. *looks around* Hey now, this isn't Las Vegas!

That's what I thought.

*voice* What is that noise up here?

Chrissy? *looks over to where the Gogo-vator appears*

*the Gogo-vator opens*

Orakio! *gets out of the Gogo-vator* *runs to Orakio and hugs him*

Be this your girl thou talketh about?

Yes Frog. Chrissy, where is everyone else?

*comes out of the Gogo-vator* Here.

*comes out of the Gogo-vator* Same here!

*comes out of the Gogo-vator* We're both here!

Nice. Everybody is here. Where is Anja?

*comes out of the Gogo-vator* Not here.

Well, it looks like my job is done, uh huh. C'mon Barry. I'll treat ya to a peanut butter and banana sandwich upstairs. *leaves*

Hmmmm... that sexy peanut butter in between two slices of bread and a banana sounds tempting. I'm with you your majesty. *follows Elvis*

Orakio. You didn't happen to find the Miracle Key on your trip up here, did you? *thinks* Wait a second... was that Elvis?

Come back Elvis! Come back!

Sorry Crystal. Elvis has left the building.

I knew he wasn't dead.

Miracle Key? No, I didn't see anything like that.

The Miracle Key? It's in one of the lower levels.

So you mean we have to go back down the Gogo-vator?

Well, why don't the three of you come with me again. I'm sure it's down there.

Fine. Alright. Orakio, Crys, Crystal and I will be back with the key. You four stay here.

Alright Chrissy. Please be careful.

I will love. *goes down the Gogo-vator with Gogo, Crys, and Crystal*

At least everyone is alright.

*voice* For now they are.

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(Elvis Presley - Viva Las Vegas)