That voice?

It couldn't be.

It can't be.

It is.


I've finally reached the top. Now, the Circle of Power will be all mine!

You can't do nothing without the Miracle Key!

*flashes a golden key dangled around her neck* Oh, you mean this thing that I accidently found on the corpse of a dead Blue Dragon?

You've had it the whole time.

Now, as soon as I eliminate a few worms, I'll get my ultimate power.

This is as far as thy can taketh thou, chosen one. Thou art on thine own. *hops out of the way and back down the tower*

Well... at least I don't have a frog to worry about being afraid of now.

Anja. Will you stop this quest for power? What do you have to gain by destroying the world?

I see the Motavium doesn't flow so much within you, my sister. It's time you know the truth. The truth in which I have learned on my journey on gaining power.


*paces back and forth* The Star of Algol was created tens of thousands of years ago by a powerful being. The Star was seperated into 4 pieces; The Rykros Crystal, the Dezorian Diamond, the Palmanian Sapphire, and the Motavian Ruby.

The 4 stars of Algo...

I am infused with the last bit of the Motavian Ruby. The rest was destroyed on the Destructo Beam.

What does this have to do with anything?

You wouldn't understand, sister. The Circle of Power contains the power of the Palmanian Sapphire. If I can absorb that power, I will be half completed.


President NEU's true intentions were to re-create the Star of Algol. But you see, the Star of Algol was not a gem like the 4 pieces it split into.


It was a living, breathing person. The most powerful being in the universe. I will gain the power of the last 3 gems and become the Star of Algol once again!

Snap out of it Anja!

Playtime's over, Jema. Everybody, get out of my way and I shall gain the power I need! The power... I WANT!

*takes out the double saber and flips both blades out* You've already been weakened, now it is our turn to finish you.

So the cat finally caught the mouse. But little does the cat know that the mouse will end up eating the cat.

Shut up! *takes out sword* You're about to join the spirits of the dead!

*retracts claws* You won't hurt another living being!

*grins and laughs* Just try to stop me.

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(Phantasy Star IV - The Black Blood)