*breaks free of the magnet field* What the?

*voice* Now is the time to fight Rulakir.

That voice? Rulakia?

*appears before Rulakir* Yes... the Spirits of the Dead gave me enough power to help you.

But... why are you here?

Anja must be defeated. Weaken her and we'll send somebody to finish the job. She won't even become part of the Spirit.

Rulakia... don't go.

*fades away* I'm always in your heart brother. Look there if you need me.

*sighs* For you, I will fight.

*breaks free* There...

*appears* Take the power brother. Don't let Anja destroy this world.

You can count on me.

Look after Chrissy, Orakio. She is your future. *fades away*

*grabs double saber* For Chrissy... for Kyra... and for revenge!

*breaks free* Me too?

*appears* I never thought I'd help what I came to stop. But... Jema, you must help my father and uncle defeat this demon.


*looks to Orakio* Dad... don't let a mistake like this happen again. Finish her off!

*nods* It's now or never!

*fades away* Goodbye...

So, you fools managed to escape my trap? Well... no more! You're all dead now! *flares up a massive amount of energy*

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(Final Fantasy IX - Protecting My Devotion)