Her power... it's too strong.

Now Rulakir!

Right! *flares up a powerful amount of energy*

*flares up just as much energy*

*starts charging Orakio and Rulakir*

*flares still* Give it more!

*flaring still* Gotcha!

*runs into the energy field* You think this will stop me?

*stops flaring* No...

*stops flaring* But this will! *slashes once with one part of the double saber, then twirls around and slashes her with the other side*

*takes both blows* Damn you! *leaps into the air* Wild Megid! *fires many bursts of megid at all 3 of them*

*twirls his double saber around, knocking some of the megid away* Wow... this attack is too fast.

*gets hit some, but knocks some more away with his sword* We just have to weaken her...

*dodges the Megid and leaps into the air* You've ruined everyone's lives! For everyone you killed! *claws at both of her eyes*

*falls down to the ground, covering both her bleeding eyes* Noooooo....

*lands on the ground* Orakio! Now!

*yells and charges Anja with the double saber, slashing her many times, alternating blades back and forth*

*yells in pain, but then slaps Orakio away*

*goes flying and hits a wall very hard, dropping the double saber*

*removes her hand from her eyes, revealing massive amounts of blood* Grrrrr... *yells loudly and emits an even greater power*

*starts to breathe heavily, blood running down her face* We have to do something fast!

Dark Megid! *fires a massive blast of dark fire at Anja*

*knocks it back to Rulakir*

*is hit by the blast and is sent back to the same wall that Orakio was hit again, dropping his sword*

An...ja... *collapses*

Jema! *slowly gets up*

*slowly gets up* The telepathic connection. Jema is feeling more pain than Anja is.

*breathes heavily* If I'm gonna die... I'm gonna destroy this tower with what I have left. *walks in front of the three of them* Say your prayers, Orakians!

*does a cross before him* Hail Mary, full of grace...

Not that kind of prayer you moron!

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(Final Fantasy IV - The Final Battle)