Get Wise 30... making myself realize that if I had $100 for every sho I'd have a lot of money.

Ah finally. With no explosions or cries of people asking me to save them, I can finally stand here and play a game of pinball. *pulls on the plunger*

Crying for YOU to save them? Get real chief.

Nah... I'd rather not get real. I'd rather...


Get Wise! *winks*

*pinball table reads tilt*

What the hell? Why is it tilt?

I guess it's the bad pun.

*sighs* I'll pun this table to the moon!

... how are you gonna pun it?

... shut up or it's five across the eyes!

*sighs* God only knows why you're still our chief. All you do is play pinball and watch the Big 'Uns Network.

Hey, don't dis B.U.N. like that!

Ok chief.

Damn these shoes hurt. Why did I get these from the store?

*looks at the chief* Uh... Chief... those are... high heels...

Damn womens shoe store. Damn pinball table. Damn George Bush.

Why are you saying that?

I just hate him. Do I need another reason?

I'm not getting into politics.

Good... *takes off the high heels and pulls the plunger on the pinball table again*

*pinball table reads tilt again*


It's telling you to put some shoes on.


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(Sonic the Hedgehog - Spring Yard Zone)