*a few days later, inside the ballroom*

Lots of people... music... what is this?

It's a party! Enjoy it!


Yeah... a party. You've never been to one?

Nope... but is it this lively?

Well... not usually... but Orakio has moxie... so...

*staggers around, holding a bottle of Moxie* Whoo Hoooo! Everyone dance! *falls to the ground*

*sighs* *kicks Orakio* Get up! You're embarrassing yourself.

Where is Rulakir?

I'm sure he'll be around. I saw him this morning. *gets up*

*the door opens*

See, maybe that's him.

*enters* Did I miss anything?

Chris of the Brood?

Ah. So I did find this place. It's a good thing too. I told Nocturn that it was on the other side of the world.

Tried to fool him?

No... I really did think this Air Castle was on the other side of the world.

*just then, a cloud of smoke and a small explosion appears*

*voice* You think that can stop me?

I guess not...

*appears after the smoke settles*

Hey Nocturn.

Hey there.

CC and Orak... good to see you.

Have fun and dance! *falls to the ground again*

*picks up Orakio* He's had too much Moxie.

Well... don't mind me. I won't be a bother. *goes to stand in the shadows*

What are you doing?

*appears instantly* Well, in the words of John Cena, he's saying "You can't see me."


Hey Chrissy! Orak...

Chrissy... did you invite all these people?

Well, the Chief gave them directions.

*walks in* And they would have been right too if Wren would have just stopped this Air Castle.

*through the intercom* Stopping the Air Castle completely causes crashing.

*pushes the intercom button on the wall* Note to Wren, SHUT UP!

All these people are here... but where is Rulakir?

*the door opens again and there stands an armored figure*

Maybe that's him.

*walks through* Him? *twitch* HIM?! *starts to chase Nocturn* YOU DON'T GENDERIZE THE PINK ONE!

Oh boy... better split. Nice party Orak! *throws a smoke bomb and disappears*

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(Lunar: Eternal Blue - Carnival)