You'd think people would know not to genderize you by now Pink.

Yeah... you'd THINK so.

So how's the it of the world?

Good... besides... I really wanted to fight. Why did Nocturn have to disappear?

*enters the party* He everyone!

Zak... what are you doing here?

Well... Jessica and the baby are sleeping, so I decided to come to the party.

We aren't keeping her up are we?

No... baby Stare is.

There's a baby around?

A baby on board? Where?

Where's the cute little thing? Does it want some candy? I have plenty.

No... he doesn't.

But I do! *smacks Crystallis*

*candy flies out of him* Ooooow.

*picks up the candy* Ooooh! Snickers! Thanks buddy!

*gathers self* No problem.

Well... *grabs a bottle of Moxie* I might as well drink up. *opens the bottle*

*a cloud of mist pours out of the bottle*

What the hell?

*yawn* Hmmm... what a nice nap. I musta been asleep for a while.

... a Genie?

... Hey, that bottle is mine! I bought it!

Genie! I need money! The baby is getting hungry!

*stares at Zak* Do I look like a Genie?

You came out of a bottle, so you must be.

... Videospirit... how did you get inside that moxie bottle?

Damn recycling. I found an empty bottle on the side of the road and hopped in. Someone must have recycled me while I was sleeping.

If that's the case... you owe me 99 cents. I paid good money for that Moxie.

Sorry bud.

Hmmm... the whole "gang" is here from the Boards.

But something seems missing.

*runs in and pounces Chrissy* Chris-chris!

*is pounced* It's complete now. x_x

Oh yeah... and I'm running low on Laconia. Could you give me some?

... Orak... can I kill him?

Not tonight.


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(Lunar: Eternal Blue - Zulan)