*on top of Mount Katahdin*

*looks over the cliff* What does sJema know? She doesn't know me. God only knows why I saved her and why I tried protecting her. I... just felt... *sits down* like I needed to.

*a little rain starts to pour down*

Rain... great. That's all I needed. *sighs* *removes sword* Well... you've been great to me. *stabs sword into the ground* Maybe your next owner will be less of a coward.

*the rains starts coming down harder*

Oh... almost forgot. *takes an envelope out of his pocket and places it by the sword*

*from behind a tree, thinking* What is he doing?

*gets closer to the cliff* There's only room in this world for one Orakian. I can't have what he had, and I see no reason to continue. *takes a step forward* Goodbye...

Rulakir! No! *runs to him*

*starts to fall*

*grabs his arm just in time* Rulakir! What are you doing?

*holds onto her arm* What does it look like I'm doing? This world doesn't need me.

*looks into Rulakir's eyes* I NEED YOU!

*holds on, looking at Jema* You what?

*holds Rulakir* The feeling... is love. Rulakir... I love you!

*holds onto her arm* ...

*hold onto his arm still* Rulakir... suicide is never a way out. I could have saved everyone the trouble and killed myself just to kill Anja... perhaps I should have. But I saw in your eyes that you needed someone to fight for after your sister died. I lived so that you may have a purpose. No matter what Rulakir... there is always somebody out there for you that needs you, even when you think they don't.

*stares blankly, then smiles* You're right Jema... you're right. Can I come up now?

*starts pulling Rulakir up*

*climbs up to the ledge* Jema... *sits down*

*sits down beside Rulakir* Yeah?

*smiles, kisses her* Thank you.

*smiles* You're welcome... but... what did you just do?

... *thud* It's called a kiss. It's an expression between two people who love each other.

Do you kiss your brother?

I love my brother, but hell no.

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(Final Fantasy VIII - Roses and Wine)