*back at the Air Castle*

*taps Orakio on the shoulder* Orak.


I need you to meet me in my office in about five minutes. Don't bring Chrissy.

Is everything ok?

I'll tell you when you're there. *walks away*



You ok?

Sure... I just gotta... uh... use the bathroom. *walks away*


*at the Chief's office, 5 minutes later*

I'm glad you all could make it.

What is this all about?

What is wrong now?

Why are we here?

Orakio... Crys... Crystal. I have to do this.

What is it?

You three have worked so hard. *reaches into his desk and pulls out a package* But... with all the people suffering in the world after the Destructo Beam hit them, I've decided that we need to make room for those people who lost their homes.


So... I'm letting you three go. Your rooms are large enough to make into shelters. Plus, we no longer need the added protection. We've got Chrissy for that.

You're splitting us up?

I'm afraid so Orakio... As of this moment, I'm releasing you three. Rulakir left this morning, and Jema is gone as well. 5 rooms for people.

*sighs* Well... the people do need the food and shelter more then we do.


Besides... I know a place where Crys and I can go. I need to continue my training there.

*hands the package to Crystal* Well, you two aren't done yet. I've got one last mission for you.


Take this package to the NEU Headquarters and open it in there at the bottom level. Then get out. Once you exit the building, you are no longer a member of Control.

*nods* Right Chief. It was nice knowing you. C'mon Crys.

Orakio... will you be ok?

I better tell Chrissy.

No... I already have somebody breaking the news to her. Orakio... I suggest leaving immediately. Say your goodbyes.

*sighs* Well Chief... it has been great. *walks away*

Wasn't that harsh? Not to let him tell Chrissy?

We're expecting a huge blizzard tonight. The people need to get in ASAP. Zak is already down there starting to teleport people up here. We've had to bring the Air Castle low to do so though.

*glares at the Chief* C'mon Crys.

*nods* Right. *walks with Crystal out of the office*

Sorry guys... it's hard... but because of our actions, we've already made the people suffer enough. I can't let them suffer anymore.

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(Star Ocean - What Should Be)