*outside the Air Castle*

*waves the people in* C'mon people. The storm is getting closer to us.

*smiles* How's the boy, Zak?

Oh Stare is excellent. Very healthy and strong for his age.

Well... I'm glad.

Is something wrong Orakio?

No... everything is fine. *walks away*

*sighs* C'mon people! Inside!

*on the roof of the Air Castle*

Jessica... stop following me. *trying to hold back tears* I'm fine.

Chrissy. I know that look. I had it myself every time Zak went to fight. Afraid of never seeing him again.

*sighs* I just need time to think Jessica. That's all I need to do.

Well please put on something warm. It's cold out here.

*snaps* I'm fine!

*is shocked* Fine... *walks away*

*sighs* Orakio...

*back outside*

*sighs* Chrissy... I'm sorry love. I have to do this. *looks up at the Air Castle* Never really got a good look from down here.

*on the roof*

I never did get a good look at the ground from here. It is pretty this early in the morning. The sun lights up the world just enough to see the ground... and a red bit of grass... *looks harder* wait a second. That's no grass. *yells* Orakio!

*looks up* Chrissy?! Chrissy!


*comes back up* Chrissy? I'm sorry about before. *looks at her* What are you doing?

Jessica. There are just some things in life that a person must do. This is one of them.

Chrissy! I'm sorry I never said goodbye!

Don't worry! *takes a few steps back*

What the hell do you think you're doing?

I can't be alone, and neither can Orakio. Bye Jessica. Good luck with the babe.



*runs and jumps off the air castle* Orakioooooooooooo!!

Chrissssssssssyyyyyyyy! *runs underneath her*

*lands in his arms*

*catches Chrissy* Chrissy?

*breathes* Orakio! *wraps her arms around him*

*holds Chrissy close* Oh Chrissy... why'd you do something like that?

I love you too much! I can't be without you!

*looks down from the Air Castle* Crazy woman. *walks away*

*holds Chrissy close to him* I know love. I love you too much as well.

*holds onto Orakio as the sun slowly rises*

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(Phantasy Star IV - A Promising Future 2)