*the long battle over NEU is over...*

Chief Al...

Yeah Selan?

*the sufferings of the world were great...*

The people are wondering where they will be sleeping.

In their rooms of course.

*thud* *thinks* He really has no brain.

*and though there were losses in the world...*

*kneels over Orakia's and Rulakia's graves* Sleep in peace my sisters. Everything will be fine.

*places a hand on Rulakir's shoulder* You've given up a lot here.

Yeah, but... I've gained something in return. *grins at Jema*

Oh? *grins back*

*the circle of life always goes in full swing*

*wakes up* Jessica, the baby wants you.

*wakes up* Why is it every time the baby wants something it wants me?

Because you feed him.

*human and non-human alike...*

*sits in wheelchair* Tell me straight, is there a chance I can walk again?

I'm afraid your spine is beyond repair.


*walks in* Sparkster... there is some hope for you.


*felt the presence and disappearance of the evil.*

*looks from atop Baya Malay Tower* Thine world had no idea how close it came to destruction. But... perhaps the people indeed kneweth of thine doom.

*Now the people again know of peace as they try to rebuild what was lost.*

*sits on the sand at Old Orchard Beach* I told you the sunrise was beautiful here.

*cuddles on Orakio's lap* You were right. It is beautiful.

*cuddles with Chrissy* Not as beautiful as what is on my lap?

*cuddles with him* The fire ants or me?

*cuddles* Fire ants?

*smiles as she cuddles* I'm just kidding love.

*smiles and laughs* I love you Chrissy.

*smiles* I love you too Orakio.

*smiles and kisses Chrissy*

*smiles and kisses Orakio* Thank you for everything.

*but... the shadow of darkness always seems to dwell wherever there is light...*

*from the lighthouse* Ah... rest easily Dragon-girl. This isn't over yet. Hahahahahahaha!

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(Phantasy Star III - Laya's World)