*elsewhere in the world*

Crystal! Hurry up!

Gee whiz, what's your rush bro?

I'm trying to find a good spot to test our teleportal.

You and your goofy machines. Didn't I tell you to leave that machine where it was?

Nobody even goes near Intra anymore. Besides... the councel of Skyhaven told us to take whatever we needed.

I don't think that is what they meant.

Bah, whatever. I'm still looking to see if the towns were rebuilt.

Yeah. I'm wondering how everybody is doing.

Why does everybody ask that?

I dunno. But either way. Have you tried out your new powers yet?

Don't need to. You?

Well, my sword still feels a bit heavy. But, it's all worth it.

*places the teleportal on the ground* Alright.

... what the hell do you think you're doing?

*points to the sky forwards* The Air Castle should be in that direction. If I made my calculations right, and I always do, this teleportal should take us there.

... are you really that stupid?

*turns on the teleportal* Watch and learn. *steps on the teleportal*

*turns back* I can't watch.

*a few beeps and a fancy lightshow later... and explosion is heard from behind Crystal*

*turns around* I knew it..

*smoke coming from head* I think a few bugs need to be worked out of it. *falls over*

Yeah. That bug is you.

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(Final Fantasy IV - Welcome to our Town Piano Version)