*at the Air Castle*

Ah, good ridence to those people. Now I can finally relax. *sits on couch and puts right hand down pants* I wonder what is on the Big 'Uns Networ.

Calculating B.U.N. Currently playing is Mud-oil wrestling.

Ah, thank God I put in that TVGuide chip in Wren. He's more useful then ever.

*walking around with a cane* If you remember correctly I put the chip in because you threated to throw me off the air castle.

Ah whatever. He's still my walking remote. Wren, change the channel for me.

Roger that. *flips the remote control to the B.U.N.*

Oooooh. Julie McJuggs is defending her title against Topless Tiffany! *stares in amazement*

Wren, how can you stand there and watch that smut?

Because I have no choice while I'm waiting for Robot Wars to get on. We agreed to this. He gets his B.U.N. if I get my B.U.T.


Bot 'Uns Television.

*under breath* Sorry I asked. I really thought you were smarter than this. Now I can see you're starting to have the IQ equal to Orakio's.

You just don't know good tv. I hear they are coming out with the Poss 'Ums Network.

*slowly walks away* I don't even want to know.

Would you two shut up?! I can't hear the oil squeaking on the women.

*walks in* Hey Chief... where is... *looks at the TV* What the?

Shhhhhh. Be quiet. They need total concentration in this match.

... Wren, have you seen...

*watching the TV* I've seen things I've never seen before.

... *follows Sparkster* Sparkster, have you seen Zak anywhere?

Last I knew he was still working on his new project. Why don't you head to the lab to find out?

I'll do that. *walks away* Thanks.

Hmmmm... I almost forgot. I may just follow her. *slowly follows them*

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(Tales of Symphonia - House of Salvation)