*in the Air Castle laboratory*

*with a Nintendo Paddle in his hand* Ah ha! I finally got a slim block! Now I can wipe out 4 rows!

*walks in* ZAK!

*screams, drops the paddle, the slim block covers the top* AH! *looks* Gee Jessica, look what you made me do!

... what does Tetris have to do with your experiment?

Actually, I'm taking a break.

... *looks at the screen* Level 20... no wonder you didn't come to bed last night.

Well look at the points I racked up. 9999999.

And you just now got that?

Actually, I got that around level 10. I just didn't want to stop.

... talk about quick reflexes.

Anyways, whatcha want dear?

Just wondering where you were. Stare has been sick lately.

What's wrong with our son?

I think he's got a fever.

Did you check his temperature?

... I'm not sticking a thermometer there! I let Raja look at him.

Hmmmm. *goes to the chemical cabinet* *takes out a vial that says Chill* Here. *hand it to Jessica*

*reads the label* Chill?

Yeah. An old Dr. Mario recipe. It counters Fever. If Zak had a Cold, I'd give him Fever.

I don't want to make him sicker.

It won't. I've already tested it. It works just fine. *points to specimen*

Yeah right it works fine! Meow! You've kept me trapped in here for a week now! And that silly Tetris music is driving me nuts!


Uh. Actually, no. That's Myau. The... 'puffiness' is a side-effect.

*drops the bottle* I'll just have Raja cure him.

Wait a second! Don't you wanna see my secret plan?

If it's anything like Chill, NO! *walks away*

*sighs* Well, back to work. *grabs the paddle again* Hehehehe. Little does she know this little game is helping me construct many of my creations. Before long, I'll be a billionare!

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(Tetris: Music A & B Medley)