*just then, Zak starts to jam on some Iron Butterflies*

*playing Tetris still* Hahahahahaha! Level up!


*drops paddle again* AH! *looks around* Why don't you people knock?

... have you lost it Zak?

Sparkster! Thank goodness you're here. I need you to try out something.

Forget it. I don't have a cold or a fever. And no, I don't wanna try out the Mystery Soup.

Just... gah! Hand me that deck of cards on the bench.

*grabs the cards and gives them to Zak* Forget it Zak, I don't feel like strip poker tonight.

... *flips the first card face up* What do you see here?

*looks at the card* It looks like a flame.

You're right, it is. See that unlit bunsen burner over there?


*throws the card at it, which ignites it*

... so you had the gas on. Some trick. Anybody could light that with a card if the gas was on.

... *flips over the next card* What does this look like?

*looks at it* An icicle.

*throws the card at the burner, which disappears, forming an icicle which falls on the burner, breaking it and extinguishing the fire* Hahahahahahaha!

*eyes open wide* What the?

I've made it possible now for people to use magic without even having a lick of magic ability in them.

... Zak. That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

Thank you ^_^. But, look at the fortune in this. Think of what else I could do? Weapons, monsters, spells. EVERYTHING. I can fit into these cards and call them out when I want to.

Don't you see the danger in that? If everybody could use it, then it could pose problems.

I don't make super cards like Megid you know. These are just currently your basic 4 elements. Fire, Ice, Stone, and Gust cards. It's not likely to do enough damage.

But remember, there are crazy people out there who will spy on such a product and try to evolve it. Imagine Dragons flying out of everywhere, Megid being shot by 50 lawyers...

Actually, I did make a Megid card for them, but they won't use it. *snickers*

Still. What if somebody found a way to revive the dead with it?

Already ahead of you. These cards don't support reviving spells. *points over to test rat cages, all with a dead rat in them buried under wood chips* If they did, I'd revive them.

*sighs* You've gone crazy Zak. You know that, don't you?

Well... I have one more card to show you. It's a one of a kind card. *shows the card*


*covers Sparkster's mouth* Don't say it! You say the word and this Air Castle will be blown to bits. I made this card so that... uh... well...


I made it to see how big a splash I could make in the Grand Ocean.

*walks in* Oh, Zak. I got all the supplies you needed, but I forgot to buy the Comet.

*glares at each other* Oh crap! *dives under the counter*

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(Iron Butterfly: In a Gadda da Vida)