*looks up in the sky* Holy cow! Chrissy, do you see this?

*looks up* A meteor?

That or a comet. But look where it's heading.

... straight for the Air Castle?

Crap. C'mon, let's go!



What's wrong boy?


*looks up* A comet. Heading straight for the Air Castle.

... damn. Let's go try to help!

*thinks* Why does she always want to help?

*somewhere else*

*fixing the teleporter* I think I finally have it fixed.

*looks at the sky* Forget that! Look up there! *points*

Look at the size of that comet!

Is it going for the Air Castle?

Let's not wait around. C'mon!

*back at the air castle*

*over the intercom* Unidentified flying object heading our way! Everybody remain calm.

*sits under desk, sucking his thumb* Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

*runs in* Zak? Where is Zak?

*looks at the Comet* What shall we do Chief?

*passed out with thumb in mouth*

*runs in* Wren! What is happening?

*holding on to Zak's back* Like you don't know! You started this!

It wouldn't have happened if Selan hadn't of said Comet!

Second comet coming this way!

*hits Zak* See what you did!? *gets off and goes to the window*

Zak! What have you done?

Well... I kinda created these magical cards... and um...

So now there are two comets heading our way?

*looks at the sky* Make that three!

Will everybody quit saying Comet!


Wren... what will we do?

Can't you call them off?

Don't you have a cancel card somewhere?

... I knew I forgot to make something.

*draws sword* That's it. If I'm dying, I'm taking you to hell with me!

*voice* I wouldn't say that just yet.

That voice? It couldn't be.

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(Final Fantasy VII - Weapon Raid Piano Version)