*stands in the doorway*

Well now if this isn't a coincidence.

I'm sorry! I called 2 of these 4 comets!

You mean now 3 out of 5?

*looks out the window* ... Dammit!

Is everybody ok?

Damage is minimal so far. But the chief is... well... *points to him*

*looks* Most likely they will burn out. There may be a little side damage, but nothing serious.

How did this happen anyway?

*points to Zak*

Oh no, you're not pinning this one on me!

Get everybody to the south side of the Air Castle. That way they won't be hurt by any bricks that may explode on impact.

Hey, who made you in charge?

Since when did you want to take charge?

Since now! Everybody to the north side of the Air Castle!

*is confused now* Aren't we on the north side?

Then stay here.

*looks outside* Another one coming.

But... nobody said the word.

Hey! They're changing course!

... all but one of them.

Brace yourselves!

Eep! *hides behind Orakio*

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(Shining Force II - Heroes Fight)