*after the meteor hits the air castle, sending a shock throughout the castle*

*gets knocked down* Ow...

That was it? The impact didn't seem to be much of anything.

Calculating damage.... minimal damage, hole in wall, and glass broken everywhere.

I'm really sorry everybody.

*looks out the window still* But the other 5... they're heading in different directions.

Beyond the Great Ocean?

I didn't know there was anything beyond this ocean.

Maybe it's just gonna crash in the ocean.

What's the worst it can do?

Correction. There is a much larger world than this continent.

*shocked* WHAT?!

There are 3 known continents in this world. One just south of here, and one to the southwest of us. In addition there are also a north pole and south pole.

How come nobody ever told us anything?

Well, I knew. I came from the southwest continent from a town called Forsta. The Southwest continent has mostly magical creatures such as myself.

I thought there was something different about you.

I... have to go. *walks away*

Chrissy? *follows her*

This is getting too weird.

We're used to weird by now.

... I'll be right back. *walks away*

... *thinks for a second* STARE! *runs away*

!!! *follows her*

... everybody seems like this is the end of the world.

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