*in the nursery*

*bursts in* Stare? STARE? *looks around*

*runs in as well* What the hell? *looks at the hole in the wall*

Is that where the meteor crashed?

*goes over towards it* Yes... but there is no trace of the meteor.

*looks at the crib* Stare? *sees him and picks him up* *sigh of relief* Oh my god. You're alright! *holds him*

*runs in* Jessica? Is Stare alright?

*holds him* He's alright. Shooken up, but alright.

*looks at the crib beside it* Angela?

Who's Angela?

... my daughter.

!!! What?

*lifts the covers*

*is in the crib* Arf Arf!

... ANGELA?!

Oh my. Your child is missing?

... *at the top of her lungs, enough to shake the air castle* RULAKIR!!!!

... Ow...

*walks in* You bellowed?

Rulakir! Where is Angela?

I put her in that crib when we got here.

*takes out the dog* This is NOT Angela!

Woof Woof!

... I swear Jema, I put our daughter in that crib.

!!! Our daughter?

Don't just sit there like Orakio would! Help me find our child!

Yes dear.

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(Final Fantasy VIII - Liberi Fatali)