*in Chrissy's room*

... they've come! This can't be.

*bangs on the door from the other side* Chrissy! Let me in!

Orak! Stay out! I'll only hurt you!

... Chrissy? What is going on?

I can't tell you. No, I won't tell you! Now go away!

... what... did I do wrong?

*sighs* You did nothing wrong Orakio. I just need some time.

Why? Why won't you tell me?!

Because I don't want to, now go away before I really get mad!

*hangs head* Alright... *walks away*

*under breath* Sorry Orakio... this isn't your fight. This is my fight. *opens up her journal* *starts to write in it*

*outside her room, in the hallway*

*mopes around* What is wrong with her?

*walks down the hall to meet Orakio* Orakio...

What is it Wren?

We have a Code Adam. A lockdown has been requested until we find the child.

Stare is missing? The meteor musta scared him.

Not Stare. Your niece, Angela.

What are you talking about? I don't have a... *lightbulb over head* niece... *to self* Rulakir... *runs to the nursery*

*gets knocked over by Orakio* Hey! What's the big idea?

*still running, sounding depressed* Sorry Crys! I can't talk about it!

*gets up* Wren, what was that about?

The Air Castle has issued a Code Adam.

I know about the code Adam... but why is Orakio sounding so down?

I don't know. At points like this I wish us Androids had emotional chips inside of us.

Hmmm. *walks down the hall*

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(Final Fantasy VII - Sephiroth's Basement)