*at the nursery*

Ok, I'm here! What's going on?

Orak! We're clueless as to how our daughter could be missing.

Daughter?... Rulakir, how did this happen?

Well, about a year ago I got really drunk and... well...

Not that! God, now I'm questioning having kids of my own with that vision.

The only clue we have is the hole in the wall where the meteor hit...

But there is no trace of a meteor.

Have you checked the entire Air Castle?

Yes. We've come up with nothing.

*looks out the hole in the wall* I doubt she could have been knocked out.

We already ruled that out. The crib was too far away from the hole. And the blankets seemed to be unaffected.

Not to mention we found our pet dog in the crib instead.

Hmmmm... the only thing I can think of is an abduction. But, who would kidnap her?

I don't know.

Then we'll have to search for her. But...

A lot of the world is unexplored by us. We've never even crossed the Grand Ocean.

We've gotta start somewhere.

But... where? My poor daughter is out there somewhere.

*runs in* Orakio! Orakio!

Crys? What is it?

Chrissy. She's... gone!

Say what?


Nevermind. Rulakir, Jema. Head to the conference room and call a staff meeting. I'll be there in a few minutes.

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(Final Fantasy Tactics - Monastery)