*in Chrissy's room*

Chrissy? *looks around* Damn. Why did she leave?

*her diary lays on her desk*

What is this? *walks over to it* Her diary?

*the diary is locked*

Hmmm. Password required? *types in a password* I hope this works.

*the password is accepted and the diary opens*

*flips through the pages* What is this? *reads it*

"Nightmares recently have been haunting me every night. But, are they nightmares or memories? I see a man and a woman, struggling against each other in a royal room in a castle. The man is struck down, but when he gets back up, he is a dragon. The human woman is powerless against it, and the dragon kills her. So little is known about my past. I know I'm a half dragon, but who are my parents? Where am I from?"

That entry was last week. *reads the next entry* This one was a few days ago.

"The same nightmare again. This time though, I'm fighting this dragon myself with a man named Eri. Eri looks a lot like Orakio, and in the nightmare, I had a romantic interest with him. But even so, the dragon overpowered us both. Eri was a mear blacksmith, strong, but not powerful. Why does this keep happening? I'm wondering if these are not nightmares at all. I'm starting to believe they are memories."

... Chrissy... *reads the next page* Today's entry?

"Now I know for a fact, these nightmares were memories. I remember who I am, I remember where I'm from. I remember everything. Orakio must not know though, as it would break his heart. I am Princess Chris-chris of the Death Dragon clan. I am over 1000 years old, but I appear to be a teenager in human years. I came to this planet through a meteor which crashed in the Grand Ocean. I was washed away to shore until a man picked me up. These 6 meteors... They have come for me..... What is that? A Code Adam? Oh damn. The dragon in the meteor must be after me, but must have mistaken one of the children for me. I have no choice now. I have to leave this continent and persue those meteors."

... Chrissy... Why... didn't you tell me? I would have understood. *starts to cry a bit* I have to find her.

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(Final Fantasy IX - Wall of Sacred Beasts)