*at the conference hall*

Where is that brother of mine?

I don't know. *turns to Wren* Wren, have you tracked the meteors yet?

4 of them are out of my reach, but two of them crashed on this continent. I'm still searching the exact whereabouts.

Where is the Air Castle over right now?

We're over Shawshank right now. Which is where one of the meteors has landed evidently.

*walks in* Wren, set course for the southern continent!

Wait a second! Why there?

Chrissy is after the 6 meteors.

What about our daughter? You're just gonna leave her alone out there for your girlfriend?


She's right you know. Chrissy can take care of herself, but Angela is just a baby. We need to find her.

Two of the meteors are on this continent. Perhaps Chrissy will find those two.

Where are they?

One is in Shawshank, which we are just below. The other... is on Dragon Heights.


What is it?

We can't enter dragon heights without a dragon. We don't have one with us.

I betcha that is where Chrissy went.


Why don't we head to Shawshank first?

Agreed. Us three will head to Shawshank.

... Chrissy.

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(Tales of Symphonia - Decision)