*down at Shawshank*

*over a hand-held radio* Wren, where exactly did the meteor crash?

*over the radio* You aren't too far off. Try going west.

Quiet for a second.


I'm trying to hear something!

Yeah Rulakir... quiet for a second. I hear it too.

*fighting is heard nearby*


... Let's go. Follow the sound!

*not too far away, behind a building*

Give it up, girl! You can't possibly realize the power in which I possess.

*breathes heavily* Why have you come here?

*spear pointed at her throat* Where is the dragon princess?!

I don't know what you're talking about. We don't have dragons in this world.


No I'm not! Stop this madness at once!

You humans are all the same. You think you're high and mighty, but you tremble at the sight of power.

*stands up* Who's trembling? *starts to fight again*

*slaps her back to the ground*

*falls to the ground* Grrr... *gets back up*

Persistant brat. I'll teach you some respect towards the dragon tribe! *points hand at the girl, shooting a large ball of fire at her*

*jumps in the way, knocking the fireball away* Hold it right there!

Picking on poor humans. Have you no shame?

Didn't you ever learn not to pick on girls?

More of you humans?

*stands up* Thank you.

Stand back ma'am.

We're control agents. We'll handle this.

... Then you're just what I have been looking for. I'm not backing away. I'm here to fight.

Fight all you want humans. In reality you cannot compete with the awsome power of myself, Masing, Death Dragon of Fire!

Death Dragon? Where is Chrissy?!

The Dragon Princess? I've been wondering the same thing.

More importantly, WHERE IS MY CHILD?!

... So you're the mother of the child I kidnapped? I had no use for a fake, so I got rid of her.

... WHAT?! YOU BASTARD!! *charges him*

*stands there* Don't tempt me human to release my power.

*leaps into the air and slashes away at him*

Ow... oof... what the? Those ears... you're not human!

No kidding. None of us are.

We're Orakians.

Orakians? Then you're part of the tribe that started the war 100 years ago?

We're the last of the race.

Perhaps you are, but you won't last much longer. Die now!

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(Tales of Symphonia - Keen Edged Blade)