Ma'am, stay back. He's a dragon and is too dangerous.

Stop calling me ma'am! I'm Jaymi de Cardinal!

You're a de Cardinal?

What's it to you?

We'll explain later. But first.

C'mon! Let's go!

Certainly. *raises hand to the air* Tandle! *a massive bolt of lightning comes down from the sky*

*is hit and nearly electrocuted to death* ooof... That was strong.

Tell me where my child is!

Never! *charges the group*

*takes out sword and sidesteps the charge, slashing at his back*

*is cut across the back* *falls down* Ow.

*stands over him, pointing sword at his throat* Where is the child?

*breathing heavily* *gazes at Orakio and Rulakir, eyes turning black* *thinks to self* These Orakians... their power level is low. Their power levels are around 25,000. *kicks Jaymi away then stands up*

*takes the kick, but stands still*

*swings spear* Spreadshot! *a beam of light shoots at everybody, knocking them all down*

*on the ground* This may be harder than expected.

*on the ground as well* Unless we power up.

Power up?

Do what you all want. None of your power levels even match mine. 49,000, and I'm the weakest of the Death Dragons. You puny Orakians only have 25,000, the long earred girl only has 23,000, and the human can barely break 13,000.

How does he know all this?

I've read somewhere that dragons can detect power levels, which is what makes them very hard to beat. If they see someone with a higher power level, they will run.

*stands up* Is that so? *both start to flare up their energy*

*eyes widen* What is this? Their power is raising!?

*stands there*

This can't be! 50,000 a piece?

And I'll show you something I learned as well! Palma Sapphire! Motavian Ruby! Loan me your power!

!!! Impossible! 123,000? That's beyond even my full dragon form.

*disappears in a blaze of light, then appears behind Masing, digging her claws into his spine* Now tell me where my child is!

*screams in pain* Dragon... heights! Master... Leon!

You ready? *takes out sword*

Yeah! *holds sword firmly, charging*

Cross Thrust! *charge in perpendicular directions, slashing Masing along the way*

*cries out* Too... powerful... but... Master Leon... will avenge me. *collapses, dies*

Damn! We need to get to Dragon Heights!

And fast.

It shouldn't be too hard. We're not exactly too far from it.

*looks on*

*turns and looks at Jaymi* You ok?

Do you mind if I join you?

It could be dangerous.

I know, but I know how to get into Dragon Heights without a dragon.

Really? How?


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(Tales of Symphonia - Exshpere Boss)