*Get Wise 32... delayed due to complications in the birth canal*

*at the air castle, shortly after the battle with Masing*

Orak! Is everyone alright?

Yeah, we're fine. Just a little bit scratched.

Chrissy's gone, our child is gone. All to Dragon Heights.

Why are we all waiting around then? We have to get there.

That's the problem. We need a dragon to get into Dragon Heights.

Didn't that de Cardinal girl say something about it?

I wish everyone would quit calling me "that de Cardinal" girl. My name is Jaymi!

Get used to it. They still call me "hey you".

According to every known database, it is impossible to enter Dragon Heights without a dragon.

Update your chips then rusty.


*smiles* She's a fiesty one.

There is passage to Dragon Heights without a dragon. I can't believe a HUMAN figured it out before any of you.

*looks at Orakio* I can.

What's that suppose to mean?

What do you think it means? It means you're dumb.

*sighs* Here we go again.

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(Golden Sun: The Lost Age - Prox)