If we can get on with it, anybody care to hear out my plan?

Please do go on. How do you know a way into Dragon Heights?

More importantly... uh... how do you know the way in?

Isn't that the same question?

Uh... no...

I knew that blonde would go to your head someday.


*sighs* Orakians.

You tell 'em girlfriend!

*shakes head* Now if you'll all listen, I can explain.

So what? We make a big dragon costume that all of us fit in and sneak into Dragon Heights?

... why actually yes.

!!! Are you serious?

Hell no. You think that would fool the dragon clan?

Then what do we do?

Well... actually... I know WHAT to do, it's just doing it I have a problem with.

*major thud*

I did invite someone up to the air castle to help us out though. Throughout the world he is known as the Duct Tape Doctor... or something like that?

You got Red Green?

... no, but it's not a bad idea.

Who did you get?

I don't remember his name... Mc... Mac... McDonald... I don't know. Something along those lines. He's very handy at small crafts and re-wiring things.

Explain how he is going to get into this flying base?

He said he could figure it out. God only knows how he can do it.

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(Seiken Densetsu III - Walls and Steel)