*just then, a blonde haired figure comes crashing through the window*

Speak of the devil.


*brushes self off and then stands up* Sorry to keep you waiting Jaymi. It took me a while to find a slingshot large enough to shoot me at this angle in the sky.

??? I know that guy from somewhere.

The name is MacGyver.


... Great... another 80s icon coming to steal my spotlight. Listen Richard...

Ed... that's MacGyver.

And that's Chief Al to you!

Anyways, here is the plan. There is an old mine below Dragon Heights that is blocked off by a boulder. The Dragons did that to prevent back entry, but they do not keep it guarded.

So this is where that McDiver comes in?

... MacGyver.

Whatever. Anyways, MacGyver can build us a silent explosive using Duct Tape, a Toothpick, and a Paperclip.

Why don't we just use a Shoe Bomb?

Because we want silent... not silent but deadly.

Well, I think I'm gonna need more than that Jaymi. Toothpaste and floss may be needed.

Yeah right, where am I gonna get toothpaste and floss? I don't have what I don't use you know.

Well, no wonder the wife won't kiss you.

And the problem being?

The thing is, I cannot make an explosive big enough to destroy the whole boulder without a large blast... I should be able to crack it. Then maybe with a team of cranes and bulldozers we can get through.

I think I have a better team than that. Lemme make a quick phone call. *walks away*

Cranes and bulldozers? Wouldn't that make too much noise?

Not if they use the new ford engines.

Well... why don't we all meet at the mine entrance then?

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(MacGyver - Theme Song)