*at the mine entrance*

Is the coast clear?

Everything looks ok so far... but where are the cranes and bulldozers?

I called them off... I have something stronger and smaller coming along the way.

I don't understand why you didn't want me using my magic cards.

Your stupid cards started this whole mess.

Will you all stop it? Men... hmph.

There's the boulder. Someone hand me the toothpaste.

*hands MacGyver the toothpaste* I still don't see how this will work.

Just trust me. *sets up a weird explosive device with the toothpaste around the boulder's base, which is covered by some duct tape, held together by the paperclip. There is a long string of floss leading from the boulder to MacGyver.*

This is indeed weird.

*just then, a large dragon-like figure flies overhead, passing the group and leaving a shadow as he passes*

What was that?

It looked like a dragon.

We've gotta hurry then. My baby is somewhere near.

*wraps the toothpick with the floss* Ok, I need one of you to light the toothpick.

ME ME! Pick me!

God don't let him do that.

His Megid will kill us all!

You guys. *places hand over toothpick* Foi! *the toothpick ignites and a small flame heads towards the boulder in the line set up by the floss*

Everyone cover! It's gonna be a huge explosion!

*blank stare*

*... POP...*

*the boulder breaks down and creates a pile of smaller, but still heavy boulders*

What now McGee?

For the last time, it's MacGyver. And 2nd of all, this is where the cranes and dozers take the rest of it.

*voice* Whatcha gonna do now brother?

I see help has arrived.

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(Seiken Densetsu III - Few Paths Forbidden)