Orakio... what did you send for anyway?

The greatest team ever assembled in the 1980s.

You still owe me for an island foo'!

Whatcha gonna do brother when the 24 inch pythons run wild on you?!

!!! Eep! Snakes?! Where?

Hulk Hogan and Mr. T? Since when did these two ever team up?

I'm surprised you don't recall Wrestlemania I.

That's right sucka. Me and the Hulksta go way back.

T and I are like brothers, brother.

*from the Air Castle* PLEASE STOP THIS TIME TRAVEL TO THE 80's!!

That foo' still chief?

Will you please hurry? My baby is up there!

I usually only help cats out of a tree...

Alright brother, let's move these stones. If I can bodyslam a giant, I can move these easy.

Hey, I'm the only one who can move these boulders helluva far!

Care to have a contest?

Whatcha have in mind foo'?

Whoever moves the most amount of boulders gets the WWE Championship belt! *starts to throw small boulders out of the way... about 5 miles out of the way*

Sounds fun. Prepare to feel defeat, sucka'. *throws boulders along with Hulk Hogan*

They act like brothers already.

Ha! What do they know about being brothers?

*throwing boulder still* You ain't gonna win just yet foo'! Nobody beats Mr. T!

*throws boulders along with him* I don't have the largest arms in the world for nothing!

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(WWE - Real American)