*after about 5 minutes, the mines are open*

I see my job is done.

Hey foo', you're pretty good. Perhaps you can help me make my island from them boulders.

Your island sank brother?

Yeah, dem foo's from control sunk it on me.

... by the way... who won?

150 boulders a piece. Can't decide.

I guess we'll have to go into the squared circle and fight it out.

As long as you don't fight like that Stallone fella. *walks away*

No way. *walks away*

Thank you so much MacGyver.

Ah, what are friends for. Besides, you saved me from a bad haircut.

Good luck Mac.

*smiles slightly and walks away*

I told you I knew how to get in.

Yeah, but now what?

This mine don't look too friendly.

My word Zak. Nothing is friendly in this world anymore. Not even ME!

*wraps hands around Rulakir's throat* WE... MUST... SAVE... ANGELA!! *lets go*

... that was uncalled for.

It's pretty dark in here.

Any ideas?

Gee wiz... you all don't know what do to? *reaches in Zak's pocket*

Hey! I didn't know you were like that Orak! Besides, I'm already married.

Shut up you. *takes out the deck of cards* *pulls out a card* Luminous! *a light shines from the card much like a lamp*

... I forgot I had that card.

That was random.

Who cares? Let's just get inside!

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(Sword of Mana - Seeking the Holy Sword)