*inside the cave now*

*walks along inside the cave* ...

Orak, something bothering you?

Just... why did these Dragons come around? Why do they want Chrissy?

Well, according to my studies, the lost Dragon Child was said to have appeared on this continent thousands of years ago. It is said that 1000 years after the child was sent over that the father would come looking for it.

I've never battled the Death Dragons before. I don't even know what they are capible of.

I know what you're saying. How can they sense our power levels, and give a number to it? That's like impossible.

Did this Masing have any sort of radar on him?


Then it is impossible. Goku and Vegeta could tell you about the tools that measure the power, but...

Masing could just sense it.

Zak, I'm surprised at you.


You're a man of science and yet you've yet to figure out how power can be sensed.

What are you talking about?

Dragons were smart enough to figure out how power levels work. But in reality anybody can understand it.

Tell me how!

Well, you see, when we fight, work out, or just build up a sweat, we emit heat. The hotter the aura around you, the more power you have.

Is this true?

The de Cardinals have studied this a long time. It is fact.

Then why doesn't my body melt when I power up?

I said that your body emits heat, I didn't say that the body itself heats up. When you flare your energy, your heat rises about 100%.

And you know this how?

Uh... I... um... studied your behavior in the past.

You did what!?

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(Megaman IV - Wily's Castle Stages 1 & 2)