So that's where I've seen you.

Control pays the de Cardinal family to do top research.

... You get PAID?!


I don't even get 1 dime.

I was assigned since the moment you joined Control, Orakio, to follow you and investigate your every move in battle.

Every battle?


The battle on top of the Paseo Tower that Vegeta blew up?

I was on the other side of the door you were holding. It just seems we missed each other.

The Tsarkon battle in the volcano?

I was hanging off the rocks in the pit just before you used the Orakian Bomb. You fell right past me when you fell in yourself.


Hanging upside down from the platform Ali was on.

Dark Entity?

Behind his left foot.


Well, I couldn't get in myself, but I did hook up a camera to Gogo without him knowing.

But why him? Why not someone stronger like me?

Or me?

Because Orakio has a power that nobody can match. Prophets for ages have predicted a chosen one that would save the humans and the world. A lot of us think Orakio is the one.


Don't act so surprised. You've done it many times.

You don't understand. The Prophets say that those battles are nothing compared to what lies ahead. The ultimate battle is yet to come.

What exactly does your prophecy say?

It says and I quote "When the dragons return to the world, and the Orakians rise up to meet them, a hero will rise up with power beyond compare."

What? What Orakians? There are only a handful of us left.

Then you may have a big step ahead of you.

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(Megaman VI - Flameman)