*meanwhile, somewhere on the mountain*

*cries* Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Will you stop crying?! Damn child. I mess up on getting the dragon child and you have to cry?

You should have known that my daughter was not THAT young.

Sorry Master Draco. I will try harder.

No need. I have my daughter in sight. She is within my grasp.

Excellent master Draco.

Once I have her, the Death Dragons will finally rule the universe! We'll have unlimited power.

Indeed. But don't the Orakians pose a threat against us?

What threat? There is only 2 of them left. Anja managed to destroy the other two.

Brilliant strategy master. Seducing John Neu into producing a weapon such as Anja.

Anja did her job. Ghaleon killed their father. The only ones left are the boys.

And you almost had Rulakir in your grasps.

Damn right, Leon! Rulakir was just a step away, but Erim had to go and revive him time and time again just so that Tsarkon could use him as a puppet.

But... the humans predict that this Orakio will be the sole savior.

*grins, chuckles* Can one Orakian match up to the divine power of tens of THOUSANDS of Dragons?

You're right. He may be able to stop some soldiers, and maybe a giant... but when you have dragons as big as giants, and a multitude of them...

He won't stand a chance. *laughs evily*

But what are we to do now?

I saw the de Cardinal girl with the Orakians down by the mines. Let them come here and get their child back. When the turn to leave... kill them all.

Even... the women?

ESPECIALLY the women! Your human power level should be well enough to destroy each of them. Kill them and nothing will stop me.

... yes, master.

I'm gonna find my daughter. You stay here.

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(Shining Force II - Final Battle)