*walks in* Leon you fool!

Master Draco! *bows*

You lost big time! Instead of showing this inferior being your real power, you ARGUE with him?

Inferior being? You must be Draco, king of the Death Dragons.

*glares at Orakio* Orakio... the humans chosen one. Too bad the humans didn't see your defeat.

What are you talking about?

There will soon be a war here. The Death Dragons will come by the tens of thousands and wipe out this race.


What do you have to gain by this?

Humans for thousands of years hunted us of the dragon tribe. It's time for sweet revenge. All that's missing is... my daughter.

... Chrissy?

If that is what you call her.

But you won't be fighting the humans. You'll be fighting the Orakians!

You have two left... what fight will that be? Even Leon alone has the power to overtake 1 super Orakian.


But I... I am a god. Immortal in every way. And I carry the only weapon that can possibly even cut me!


I've defeated monsters like you before, I can do it again!

You mean those weaklings? Tsarkon, Ghaleon, Non-Entity, Dark Entity, John Neu, and Anja? Ha! Who do you think controlled them all? Besides Tsarkon, they were all working for ME!


And we nearly succeeded. Ghaleon killed your father under my orders, and nearly got the rest of you. Anja was a product of John Neu... it was MY idea to create a superior race that would overpower anything except us death dragons. Why do you think it was my daughter who killed her?

You monster. You killed innocent people!

And I'll kill many more. Starting with you! *raises a hand*

*cringes in pain and falls on his knees* Gah!

What the hell?

*gasps for air* Somebody... he's crushing my... heart...

Die Orakian! *squeezes harder*

*gasps harder, laying on the ground now*

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(WWE - Undertaker's 2nd Theme)