*voice* STOP IT!

*gasping still* Chrissy?

*stops the grasping* Daughter?

Father, stop it!

So, I've finally found you.

If you leave him alone right now I'll go with you.

Or else what?

Else I'll kill myself. Then the power you need to rule the universe will be gone.

... I've waited a thousand years for your return. I can't wait another thousand. *glares at Orakio* You lucked out today, but you won't be so lucky last time.

Chrissy... why?

Orak... I'm sorry, but I can no longer be with you. I hope you find happiness someday.


It's over Orakio... nothing personal, it's just we were never meant to be. While you grow and age, I'll remain young. So to save us both the trouble, it's over. I'm going with my father.

But... but...

Goodbye... *turns to Draco* C'mon father.

*grunts, then teleports himself, Leon, and Chrissy out of dragon heights*


*walks over to Orakio* Orak?

*starts to cry* Why? Why Chrissy?

Orak. Listen. I've watched you two for the longest time, since you both started out. She definately wasn't right for you. The love was there, but you were too different. She had a spirit to fight... you have a spirit to protect.

*sits on the ground, weeping*

*lays a hand on his shoulder* I know you don't see it now Orak, but it is better this way. You're doing both of you a favor in doing this.


Let's head back to the Air Castle.

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(Final Fantasy VI - Celes' Theme)