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You know, one of these days that narrator is gonna die.

*... in the lunch room early one day*

I thought it was already dead.

Shows what you know bro.

*walks in, half asleep* *yawn*

Hey Jaymi.

Morning Jaymi.

Sleep well Jaymi?

Had a lot on my mind.

Don't we all?

Draco... he doesn't look that tough.

He's a powerful being, but with his daughter with him again, the two of them together could be destructive.

How do you know all this?

I've done too much research.

Is there any way to stop Draco?

The Chosen One must combat the two of them.

Easier said than done.

Orakio has never been able to fight his love.

Not to mention he taught her everything he knows as far as fighting.

This could be bad.

There isn't anyone else who can combat the dragons?

There are a multitude of dragons under the command of Lord Draco. Fighting them is nearly impossible.

Then how would Orakio manage to do this?

More importantly.... where is the goof anyway?

Hmmmm... I don't know. I haven't seen much of him lately.

Nor have I.

Did anybody even notice he is missing?




Yeah... uh... I mean nope.


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(Tales of Symphonia - Presea)