*somewhere unlisted in the world*

*climbing a tall mountain* Sure Orak. Mourn your sorrows on the tallest mountain in the world. Ha! Why couldn't you do this somewhere safe like at the Destructo Beam or something? Why was I so dumb?

*eventually Orakio reaches the top of the mountain*

And these humans expect ME to be the chosen one? The one to save them yet again? Who do they think I am?

What you say?

*looks over* !!! What the hell?


... Orakio?


Wait a second... who are you?


I thought I was Orakio.


*blank stare* ... Maybe I'm not Orakio. *sits on a rock* I don't even know who I am. Sure, I saved the world a couple times but if it weren't for some help I would have never done it. Now the humans are saying that I'm their chosen one AGAIN. I can't do this. My fighting spirit is gone. I can't fight anymore. I WON'T fight for humans who can't take care of themselves.



You've lost sight of yourself.

Have I? Perhaps I've had too high an opinion of myself? I thought I knew some people. I thought I knew me. What am I?

Have you truely lost the sight of who you truely are?

Or perhaps you've lost sight of me?

Or me even?

What? What is this place? Orakia? Rulakia? Tell me what's going on?

Are you really the Orakio that inherited my memories?


Think back Orakio.

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(Final Fantasy IX - Soulless VIllage Branbul)