*back at the Air Castle*


Orakio is missing Chief.


He means we can't find him.

I know what missing means. WHERE IS ORAKIO?!

Don't you think if we knew we wouldn't be here?

How strange. It's raining rain out.

Don't you start with me Raja.

Gee whiz. Go easy on the old man.

He hasn't been the same since he accidently used my Amnesia card thinking it was the Ace of Spades.

Well if you didn't purposely make it look like the Ace of Spades perhaps he wouldn't have used it!

Four Orakians... I mean three... three Orakians.

Now look what you've done! The guy is the Rain Man for crying out loud.

Red Sox win the AL East. Beat Yankees 4 games to 3.

Come here Raja. *takes out a Chained Memory Card*

Hot water burn the baby! *runs away*

Hey! Come back here! *chases after him*

Now I'm mad. Orakio's gone and there's this stupid test pattern on the Big 'Uns Network. *stares at it* Look like a pair of melons... wait a second. Those ARE melons! Plenty ripe too!

... *quietly steps away and follows Zak*

Think we'd better go find Orakio?

I say give him some time. He'll come back.

Time is something we don't have.

*still staring at the tv* Oooooh, they shake.

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(Phantasy Star IV - Jijy No Rag)