*back at the mountain*

Since when did you ever fight for yourself Orakio?

Since now. I have nobody else to fight for anymore. So I'm doing absolutely NOTHING, but I'm doing it for ME!

Then... there is absolutely nothing I can do for you. *disappears*

Fine! I don't need you!



Remember when Anja killed me? Remember the anger in your heart?

I got my revenge. You have been avenged Orakia.

Revenge? Who said I wanted revenge? Orakio, there was a purpose in my dying.

And what was that?

You had more love in your heart for people you hardly knew. I was your sister, but you didn't know me that long. By me dying, you brought out your true emotions. Your true feelings.

You wanna know my true feelings? The woman I loved has gone to the other side. How am I suppose to fight it? If I am this chosen one, how can I defeat her? Can I even fight her?

Perhaps you don't have to. *disappears*

And this Draco. I couldn't even match his power. This isn't an episode of DBZ where I can train for days on end to get stronger for the fight.

I thought it was.

What do you want?

Have you really trained as hard as you would have liked?

I cannot go any further. My power isn't what it used to be. When Chrissy was stabbed by President Neu, my anger released a new level of emotion that I never thought possible. But now...

That same trigger for emotion is gone?

... yes. As if my will to fight has been taken from me.

I see. *disappears*

What is the purpose of all this? Why am I even here?

To find out who you are. Look at the stars Orakio. They will tell you who you are.

*looks up, sees 3 shooting stars* What the?

Time will tell when you know who you are. *disappears*

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(Final Fantasy IX - Wall of Sacred Beasts)