Time is one thing I don't have.

*walks up behind Orakio* You know, you'd think that time is the one thing you do have.

*doesn't look, but knows the voice*... damned spirit. What? Is everyone who died showing up Starbird? What's next? Rune showing up?

Orak... I never died.

Bull crap you didn't. I saw you die with my own eyes.

You saw me explode. I didn't die.

Right. *laughs* What do you want Starbird? What are you doing here?

I actually contacted Zak not too long ago. He said you were missing.

You make no sense Starbird.

Mind if I tell you something?

What is it? How you didn't die? *stands up and actually looks at him* Holy crap! Starbird?

Told you I'm not a spirit. I'm not dead.

But... how... how did you not die?

Well, after the explosion I fell to the ground, badly wounded and almost dead. After the Dark Entity left the area, I was still there, laying. Only none of you knew it because you thought that I just exploded to pieces.

How were you rescued?

*climbs up the mountain* Huff... puff... Starbird!

*goes over to help the mystery woman up* This is my reason.

*catches her breath* Hi...

What happened?

While laying there, Thea was on one of her walks to pick up flowers. She found that I had crashed on a bed of Blue Sapherias.

And because of you they are now extinct.

Anyways, she took me to her home and started treating my wounds. Had it not been for her I would have died.

Hehehehe. I only did what I could. Did you know Starbird is very smart?

Yeah, smart enough to ruin the world with his time machine.

I destroyed that already.

*thinks* How much you've missed.

Why did we come up here Starbird?

Yeah, tell me why.

Well, I called up the Air Castle. Seems they're still in business. My good buddy Zak told me that you were missing.

How did you find me?

Actually. That was by chance. I like coming up here for the flowers.

The flower on her head is the only flower I successfully grew. It was my gift to her.

I guess you don't have much of a green thumb.

So are you now just getting up and around?

Actually, I should still be in bed. But with the recent dragon attacks I didn't dare let Thea come alone.

Dragon attacks?

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(Final Fantasy IX - Doga & Une)