*back at the Air Castle*


What is it?

I've just got on radar that dragons have been attacking the eastern world.

What? Why the east? What's there?

There is an island to the east of this continent that is the home of the dragons on this planet.

Damn. This is bad.

What can we do?

We have to attack them!

We can't. It's too risky right now.

Also there has been recent shooting star activity. I've been counting upwards of over 10,000 shooting stars have been seen in the eastern sky.

What? This can't be right. ZAK!

I didn't do it this time, I swear.

What are we suppose to do?

I just recieved word from a friend that he may have found Orakio on the Fushi Mountains, over on the eastern continent.

What? He's near those dragons?

Awaiting command...

We have to move the Air Castle to the east.

That will put us all in danger. As long as we're in the air, the dragons can find us. We need to land this sucker somewhere safe.

Hey, I'm the one in charge here kid!

I agree with her. Dragons are prone to air strikes. I know of a good spot to land this place.

Then land it already!

What are we going to do about Orakio? We have to get over there.

Wren, you still have your Aero Parts?


How do you know...

Good... I think I know what we can do. Crys, you and Rulakir will come with me. The fewer the better.

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(Final Fantasy VIII - Never Look Back)