*back at the Fushi Mountains*

So you see Orak, you never know when your shooting star will come for you.

Yeah, you could be nearly dead before it happens.

Well gee, thanks a lot. *smiles*

Orakio. Humans like us can take care of ourselves... but humans are also greedy and will act on haste. We need somebody to show us the way.

A prophet.

Me? A prophet?

Well, actually a prophet is what told us that you would come and help us.

That is what that de Cardinal girl says.

De Cardinal? You don't mean Jaymi do you?

Yeah. You know her?

Yeah. She's my cousin. My mother's sister's daughter.

Jaymi is a smart girl. Knows a lot of history.

Figures. Everyone in your family must be smart, Starbird.

Jaymi told you the whole prophecy?

Pretty much.

Did she ever mention that she'd be the one to help you?

What? Her help me with what?

The rest of the prophecy goes that a girl descended on the de Cardinal family will help the Orakian with his battles.

If you're thinking I'm falling for her you're sadly mistaken. My heart is empty now. Perhaps the way it should have been.

*laughs* Nobody said anything about you falling for her. Friends are all you need.

But not all you need, eh Starbird?

Right Thea.

Hmmm. So I am destined to be alone.

*shrugs* Maybe, maybe not. Fate tells all.

Starbird. I'm ready to go home.

Oooh! I almost forgot. I have to punch the coordinents into the system. Then we can use my Telepipe to come back here.


It's a flute he invented that allows us to teleport to certain places based on certain songs we play.

Why does that sound familiar?

Ok. Got the coordinents. We'll go home and think of a song. Ready honey?

Ready Starbird.


Now you really didn't expect her to save my life and have me not repay her, did you?

*scratches head* I guess not.

Oh, by the way Orak. Watch out for the shooting stars. There appears to be thousands of them.

Bye bye! *teleports away*

... a portible teleportation device?

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(Final Fantasy VII - Valley of the Fallen Stars)