*looks up into the night sky* He was right. It looks like a meteor shower.

*voice* Not really much of a meteor shower really. I've seen bigger.

That voice... it's unfamiliar.

*teleports in* That's because you don't know me.

... who are you?

Wait up a second. *turns head to both sides* There's two more coming.

*teleports in to the man's right*

*teleports in to the man's left*

*steps back, placing hand on sword* What the?

Do not fear Orakian.

Who are you people? How do you know who I am?

Your aura is similar to our's. And these shooting stars are not coincidence.

... that explains nothing.

I am Lano of the Orakian Blue Coat Squad.

Orakian? You're a death dragon aren't you?! You're trying to kill what's left of us.

On the contrary, we're here to kill the death dragons. You see, the three of us are Orakians.

Impossible! You three can't be Orakians.

What I say is true. We are Orakians. We have the same if not higher powers than you do. We recieved word that the death dragons were attacking here.

So it's true. Draco found his daughter?

Yeah... my ex lover.

You actually lived together with the death dragon princess? Sari, tell our Orakian the 2nd rule of the Orakian race.

Rule number 2: No Orakian shall maintain contact with a death dragon.


Leene. Tell the Orakian the penalty for this.


... just try to bring it Lano.

Master Rulakir wouldn't like it if we disobeyed our 3rd commanment.

Rulakir? That's my brother.

Impossible! Rulakir's brother died sealing up Dark Force over 1000 years ago. Rulakir leads us Orakians now.

*thinks* Just as there was an original Orakio, there's an original Rulakir too?

What shall we do with him, master Lano?

How many dragons are there to fight?

About 5 thousand attacking right now.

Good. We seemed to have fooled them for all these years. Making them think that there was only a handful of us left while the true Orakian race hid on another planet. Master Rulakir is truely a genius.


Orakio. I shall talk to you later. Once we man-handle these dragons, meet us back up here. Bring any other full blood you know. Then I shall tell you everything. *disappears with Sari*

*looks at Orakio, tilting her head* You look familiar. As if we have already met. *teleports behind Lano and Sari*

... My head hurts.

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(Final Fantasy VII - Turks)