*at the Air Castle, now 20,000 leagues under the sea*

... explain this to me again?

I told you I knew the perfect hiding spot.

We're under the sea for crying out loud!

At least we're safe. As long as Zak's barrier holds. Death Dragons never go underwater.

Yeah. But now what? How do we get above land to use Wren's Aero Parts?

I never thought of that.

I thought you had Sub Parts and Aqua Parts.

If I have these many parts, where are my private...

*interupts* You're an android. Don't go there.

*sighs* My Sub and Aqua parts are in my cave. Which does little good here.

Great going Wren.

... *to self* I'm gonna have to hack into my system so I don't have the urge to shoot her.

I see my Barrier Card works well.

For now. Don't count on it to last.

It is a 24 hour card. Besides, I've made more. We just replace it before the 24 hours are up.

*walks in* Hey, anybody see Rulakir?

*points out the window* You mean him?

*holding breath, trying to swim to the surface*

!!! YOU FOOL! *bangs on window* Get back here!

*flares energy and shoots out of the water like a torpedo*

Where is he going?

Probably to find Orak.

Wren. Any news on the shooting stars?

Well... I haven't checked the radar, but... *looks at the radar* Oh my.

What is it?

The radar shows the shooting stars and the death dragons have merged together. Wonder what that means.

Keep an eye on it.

Well, now the number of death dragons are decreasing. But the number of shooting stars remain.

Zak you fool! You killed the death dragons!

I'd be happy to, but I destroyed those cards for shooting stars and comets.

You mean?

These occured naturally I'm assuming.

Then get us back above water. I can't get my satellite to work, and I don't even want to see my bowling alley.

Roger that.

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(Kingdom Hearts - Atlantica)