*meanwhile, somewhere else*

Ah Leon. What news of the attack on the eastern continent do you bring us? Did we dig up the ancient relic that we were looking for?

Well, not exactly sire. In fact I bring horrible news.

What? What news do you bring me?

Well. The attack... failed your lordship.

How could it have failed?! There was no resistance!

At first there wasn't. I thought 5000 dragons would manage to wipe out the humans in that area. But... the Orakians...


Um... there weren't two Orakians.


Try about 10,000. Those shooting stars? They were Orakian spirits.

... Rulakir. He's still alive after a thousand years? I thought Dark Force finished the job.

Actually, I didn't see Rulakir. They were being led by on of the Blue Coat members. Someone by the name of Lano.

The Blue Coat never changes. They hunt us like wild animals. Bounty Hunters with a fancy name. That's all they are.

What shall we do your lordship.

We need the relic that was left on the eastern world. Something called the Gold Armlet. It can enhance a power about 500 times over from what I hear.

Gold Armlet? I'm sure we'll find it.

Excellent. Now, how is the brainwashing coming? I want my daughter to be a killing machine when this starts.

Slowly, but surely. Another week or so and she should be good to attack.

If I can equip her with the Gold Armlet, even Lord Rulakir himself cannot stop her.

But... what if Lord Rulakir already has it?

Don't even joke around with things like that! We must find it at all cost!

I will go myself and find the Gold Armlet. Then I will bring it back and give it to the princess.

And then us Death Dragons will return to our full power. Power we had until the Orakians came and took it from us. Curse that Rulakir!

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(Zelda: Majora's Mask - Pirate's Cove)