*back at the Fushi Mountains*

*flies to the top of the mountain* Orak! I found you!

? Rulakir? I was about to go get you.

*powers down*

What brings you here? And why did you power up?

I had to get here in a hurry. Wren's radar detected a death dragon attack near here.

*teleports in* Yeah, but we took care of it.

*warps in beside Lano*

*warps to Lano's other side*


Rulakir... these are... Orakians.

Did you just call him Rulakir?

Yes, I'm Rulakir. Strongest Orakian alive.

*looks at him* *laughs* You are nothing like our master Rulakir.

Master Rulakir has more power in his fingernail than you do.

Save it. If you're Orakians, tell us what's going on here.

Simple. We're here to stop the death dragons from taking over the universe. We've done it before a little under a thousand years ago. Though the only one who remembers it is Master Rulakir.

We have a normal life-span just like humans in case you were wondering.

So this Rulakir... was he Orakio's brother?

Yes. Rulakir remembers the day Dark Force killed his brother. It is what started his anger with the death dragons. You see, Draco sent Dark Force to kill both Orakio and Rulakir, but only got one of them. In honor of his brother, Rulakir named himself and all of the test subjects of the Alpha project to be called Orakians. About 10,000 people were infused with the power of Orakio. With Rulakir's teachings, people learned how to become powerful. Ascending power levels that surpass the death dragons. But...

Power levels? You mean like Super Orakian?


So the 3rd level should be able to handle the death dragons?

Unfortunately no.

But isn't the 3rd level the highest?

No. There are 5 levels of Orakian power.

Tell them master Lano.

Every Orakian has the first power level, which is Normal. From there, there is Super, Hyper, Ultra, and Omega. Only males have been able to reach Ultra, and only master Rulakir has reached Omega, but even he is afraid to reach that power.

What happens at Omega?

At Omega, an Orakian has the power to move planets and disrupt the balance of life. Rulakir never goes that high anymore.

... is that much power really worth it?

An Orakian cannot reach that power level unless he trains for 500 years. However... even you two who have had little real training of your own can reach the Ultra stage.

*grins* Oh we can?

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(Zelda: Four Swords Adventure - Blue Maiden Village)