Are you interested? Master Rulakir can teach you the ways of a true Orakian Warrior. Only then can you obtain power beyond comprehend.

You make it sound so sweet.



What good is having that much power? What difference do we become once we have it? We become just like the evil we are fighting.

You don't understand the art of war. In order to defeat the enemy you have to out power him.


Leene, what's wrong?

... nothing.

Orakio... we have a chance to rid the world of the Death Dragons.

Yeah? And then what? We get rid of the Death Dragons, then what happens?

Then our mission is complete. We return to our home planet and live peacefully.

I don't buy it.

Suit yourself. Leene, Sari! *claps hands* Let's go.

Yes master Lano.

Wait a second! I'm coming too.

You'll abandon your brother for power? *grins* Perhaps you would like to meet Master Rulakir.

Master Lano, I thought that only those of 4th ranks could meet up with the mighty one.

This is a special case. I'm sure our master would love to see... him.

Rulakir! What are you thinking? This is nuts. All these people do is thrive off power.

These people are YOUR people too.

Orakio... you are the chosen one. Start acting like it.

*eyes open a bit* Wait a second.

Leene. What are you doing?

Orakio's right. What is the purpose of all this?

Master Rulakir sees the death dragons as a threat and you know it.

I know, but... why all the craving for power? We man-handled those Death Dragons in the battle. Why more power?

You said it yourself. The Orakians have a power so advanced that we'd be able to move planets.

Fine. Leene, you are hereby under arrest for treason. Going against the rule of questioning our lord is cause for arrest and possible regeneration.

What? Not the Regen again!


It's a device that causes you to forget your past. It makes you more loyal to lord Rulakir.

And you've been in it before?

Twice. I don't remember either time, nor do I remember my past too much. But they've told me about it.

Sari, take her away!

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